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Cocktail Creation

The right drinks menu can boost your beverage sales and cement your image in the new age of cocktails. 

Decades of creative experience and myriad accolades and awards showcase Robin's passion for cocktails that capture an experience in a glass. Crafting a cocktail menu is like creating the ideal playlist - a perfect blend of moods and moments both adventurous and familiar, that will keep your guests guessing and coming back for more.

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Staff Training

Excellence in service is the bedrock of the hospitality industry.  Hospitality training establishes great customer service standards, generates long-term revenue, encourages repeat business, and ensures staff success.. 

Accessible education and a passion for excellence are the foundations for an amazing service team. If you invest in comprehensive training for your staff they will be your best ambassadors and your most valuable assets. Studies show that enthusiastic Staff Training results in better tips, higher guest check averages, and longer term employment. 

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Concept and branding

Building a Brand can be both an exhilarating and intimidating task. Approachable and exciting cocktails that highlight your product are key to attracting attention and sales from bartenders and consumers alike. Recipe cards can boost sales and lock in brand loyalty, increasing recognition and reach.

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